GLOZAL HOMES is a real estate development firm specializing in renovating and re-developing residential and commercial properties in South Florida. We create and re-create unique and exciting places to live in with a strong emphasis on sustainable and environmentally-friendly building techniques. The properties blend high-end contemporary design with conscientious historic preservation.


Glozal's Acquisition Team is seeking value-add, distressed and opportunistic investments.

Our Criteria:

GLOZAL is well positioned for growth and continues to seek real estate in a variety of geographic locations. Our primary targets include South Florida mainly Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade County, but we are also highly interested in most major metropolitan markets.

  • Apartments / condominiums
  • Retail /industrial/office
  • Land
  • Real estate-related operating companies

The Glozal "Advantage"

Our team of lawyers, accounts and lenders have a proven track record of performing due diligence and consummating transactions under short timetables. Glozal has the ability to close on an all CASH basis and provide flexible deal structures

Current Projects

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  • Realtors and Homeowners
  • Home Loans
  • Home Renovation
  • New Land Estates